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IBC'S (Industrial Bulk Containers)

Alberta Packaging Inc. is happy to offer their customers three options regarding IBC's:

1. MX (new innertank + new cages)

2. RMX (new innertanks inside recon. cages)

3. WMX (used/washed units)

We supply new authentic IBC's manufactured by Schuetz Container Systems.  The capacity available are: 1000L. (275gal. US) & 1200L. (330gal. US).  Cages have three options for the base: Steel (most common), plastic, wood.  Two types of valves are available: Ball & butterfly.  Fittings include camlock, NPS & metric.

The MX & RMX IBC's are stock, while the WMX are upon availability.  Please call us for additional details.



Alberta Packaging Inc. offers both poly and steel drums.  Our new poly drums are available both as tightheads (with two bungs) and open heads (with a locking ring and cover).  The capacity for the tightheads are: 15gal US, 30gal. US & 55gal. US.  Open heads are available only if 57gal. US format.  Standard colors are blue, black and natural.  All are UN certified.  Tighthead drums are FDA approuved as well.


                                                           15gal US poly drum


As for steel drums, they also are available in two formats (tightheads & open heads).  The variables with steel drums are: Gauge (16GA, 18GA, 20GA), rolling hoops (standard or W-style), fittings, linings (rust inhibitor and epoxy-phenolic being the most common), gaskets, exterior colors (grey, black and white are standard). 



Plastic pails are available in both open heads (with covers) and tightheads.  The capacities available for the open head pails range from 4L. to 23L.  Standard colours are white, natural and black.  Tightheads have the following capacity: 10L, 19L, 20L, 23L.  They are both round and rectangular and are all UN certified.  Standard colours are also white, natural and black. 



Steel pails are also available in both open heads and tightheads.  The capacity available range from 2gal US to 7gal US.  Standard colours for steel pails are grey, black and white.  You have the choice of either a plain pail/cover or with a rust inhibitor.  The gauges available range from 29GA to 24GA.  Lug seal covers options include solid or with a flex spout installed.  Covers with locking ring also available. 


                                                                crimping tool 



To round off our vaste product line, Alberta Packaging Inc. keeps in stock accessories such as gaskets, bungs, cap seals, valves, ect.  Other containers we also offer include Stainless steel totes, fibre drums and Industrial-style IBC's.




    gaskets                                                                                                                                                  cap seal



For your convenience, we have included an online brochure of our products and services.  Please click on the link below to view our brochure.